Máy Hút Mụn Đầu Đen Tích Hợp Massage Dưỡng Da | Được Nâng Cấp USB Có Thể Sạc Lại


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Máy Hút Mụn Đầu Đen Tích Hợp Massage Dưỡng Da | Được Nâng Cấp USB Có Thể Sạc Lại

Blackhead sRemover Pore Vacuum Upgraded USB Rechargeable Blackhead Extract


  • POWERFUL BLACKHEAD PORE VACUUM SUCTION,Can effectively removes the oil, impurities and dust particles in the large clogged pores; Remove blackhead, grease and acne; it can also increase blood circulation skin elasticity, tighten up loose skin, lessen wrinkle, shrink pores, smooth your fine lines and make your skin more radiant.

  • ADJUSTABLE STRENGTH LEVEL DISPLAY,You can easily adjust the most appropriate suction levels for your different skin areas and know clearly which level it currently is with the indication light. Low level can be used for sensitive skin, Medium level for small blackhead and High Level for big blackhead or pores.

  • FUNCTIONAL HEADS INCLUDED,Our 2020 New Upgraded pore cleanser provides 6 suction cups which can offer different functions and offer a deeper clean for your facial skin.increasing blood circulation in the skin. Ideal for removing acne and blackhead and will serve as a perfect gift to your loved ones.

  • THREE BEAUTY LIGHTS CARE,LED Green / Blue / Red light care-This facial cleanser comes with 3 beauty lights Care: 620nm Red light can increase the skin's elasticity; 415nm of blue light can remove the skin's acne and shrink the pores; 530nm Green light can remove the edema and improve the oily skin, acne and so on.

Package Content:

  • 1 Blackhead

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